Visiting the Valley of Fire

If you feel like replacing neon lights with nature, the Valley of Fire is situated approximately one hour away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Whilst driving to Zion National Park in Utah, I spotted the alluring sign that read ‘Valley of Fire – 30 miles’. Obviously, this was too intriguing to ignore and we made a quick detour.


The entire road leading to the national park was surrounded by amazing desert landscapes. The rocks were a vivid shade of red as we approached the park entrance.

At the park entrance, we paid a small fee of $10 and proceeded to explore the Valley. The Valley of Fire is a great place to visit if you’re on a tight schedule as you can drive around the entire park.

In summer, the Valley of Fire can reach up to 40°C. However, when we visited the park it was a cold and stormy day. I definitely did not dress weather appropriately. This was another reason I was glad that you can discover the whole park by car.


The Valley of Fire is made up of Aztec sandstone formations which were formed from shifting sand dunes over 150 million years ago. When visiting the information center, I was shocked to learn that the entire park used to be underneath the sea.


The Valley of Fire wasn’t on our initial to-see list, but I’m thrilled we ended up there.

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