Portland; Doughnuts, Beer & More

Portland is wonderfully weird, a haven for hipsters, and a dream come true for doughnut enthusiasts & beer lovers alike.

Our road trip from Vancouver, BC to Portland, OR was so much fun. Stopping at Everett and Olympia in Washington State before arriving in Stump Town was a worthwhile detour.

Our first break was in Everett for a caffeine fix. We found the best coffee shop named Narrative Coffee Co. The coffee was smooth, the service was amazing and we even got a free cookie. What we didn’t know was Everett is home to Funko headquarters. When we parked our car, we noticed a bunch of comic book characters staring down at us.

Next stop was Olympia – otherwise known as Washington’s state capital. We visited the State Capitol building and grabbed some lunch in downtown Olympia.

Our first stop in Portland was – you guessed it – a coffee shop. And gosh, Portland’s coffee game is strong.

While wandering the streets of Portland, Oregon, it is impossible not to notice the abundance of cool craft breweries and delicious doughnut shops. My favourite of which was Voodoo Doughnuts.

We enjoyed a fabulous weekend of drinking beer, eating doughnuts and exploring Portland’s eccentric streets.